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South Division SuperSeries

By Major League Quidditch (other events)

2 Dates Through Aug 02, 2020

The Major League Quidditch season comes to a close with the South Division headliner: the South SuperSeries. The 2020 Benepe Cup Runners-Up, the Austin Outlaws, host the hard-hitting San Antonio Soldados and Kansas City Stampede at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex on Aug. 1 and 2.

What exactly is a SuperSeries? Unique to MLQ, a SuperSeries is a two-day meet between three divisional teams. On Saturday, each team will play the two other teams at the series twice, for a total of six games. On Sunday, each team will play the two other teams once, for a total of three games.

Quidditch is a competitive, full-contact, mixed-gender sport played by athletes around the world. MLQ has set out to create a high-intensity environment for the best athletes in North America to hone their skills and compete for one of our sport's highest honors: the Benepe Cup. The 15 teams represented in the league hail from three divisions: East, North and South.

- East Division: Boston Night Riders, New York Titans, Ottawa Black Bears, Rochester Whiteout, Washington Admirals
- North Division: Cleveland Riff, Detroit Innovators, Indianapolis Intensity, Minneapolis Monarchs, Toronto Raiders
- South Division: Austin Outlaws, Kansas City Stampede, League City Legends, New Orleans Curse, San Antonio Soldados

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